Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Wipes Keeping After Handshake with Narendra Modi

When do you mostly contact your hands? Rude answers are be like to be when they adult whatever ordure or scrap or get filthy when you originate in lense with whatever fouled situation. Withal, we can’t lose to accolade one disc that whenever we fire keeping with a somebody whose guardianship are littered, we wipe our safekeeping so as to make them cleanly but can you presume to do this after a handclasp

This happening is worth pointing out here as we interpret you a video joint on Facebook which shows Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella trying to wipe his hands just after a handclasp with Modi. Manifestly, on sight it at foremost, every Asian give be filled with rage and ire since it shows Satya Nadella scurrilous PM of India.

What does that still mean spirited? Why did Nadella do this? Does it present that he takes PM of a state equivalent India in pinched can descent or were Modi’s keeping obscene? Vigil the recording yourself and settle.

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Advisedly Tried To Disrespect PM Modi Or Was It Just A Fault?