There may be free calling, you can talk to any mobile number

There are so many apps that provide free Internet calling service in these days. But have you ever thought that your phone is not Internet nor the balance and you’re required to make a call. So we let you know how you call without balance from the Internet and totally free calling to not over India in fact abroad also… Wheel Company is offering free calling for some time. The

iPhones randomly turning off

There are a few users of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus exposure that their iPhones are turning off at random, even if the devices in question have a totally full battery. Users then report that their devices would become fully unresponsive, with holding the power button having no impact on its’ state. a number of the affected users have additionally complained that their home buttons would even be remarkably hot

Issue occur with Touch ID sensor in iPhone 6s

Some of the iPhone 6s user reporting issue with the Touch ID sensor overheating. The Touch ID sensor is getting too hot and as a result not working in a few models. It is recommended to users hard reset their iPhone by pressing the on/off button and hold the Touch ID button of iPhone till the phone shuts down (assume the Touch ID switch does not burn up finger) here

Unresponsive iPhone screen in iPhone 6s and 6s plus

Some of iPhone users are frequently complaining that The iPhone 6s screen becomes unresponsive. It appears that the screen is only unresponsive for about 10 seconds. The greatest method to fix this appears to be to do a hard reset by pressing the on/off switch and hold the touch ID button till the handset shuts down.

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