Indian hacker, this big drawback in Uber Cab, the company gave 9 lakh rupees

Indian hacker Anand Prakash (New Delhi) found such a weakness in the Cab Service Provider Uber, which could unlimited free ride. For this work, the company has given him Rs 9 lakh as a reward. Let’s say before that Anand has found such a big bug in Facebook. Involvement payment method can get free ride… In an interview given to a news channel, Anand told that I was testing the

There may be free calling, you can talk to any mobile number

There are so many apps that provide free Internet calling service in these days. But have you ever thought that your phone is not Internet nor the balance and you’re required to make a call. So we let you know how you call without balance from the Internet and totally free calling to not over India in fact abroad also… Wheel Company is offering free calling for some time. The

MSVCR120.dll is missing from computer’s windows? Fix it now with ProForbes

Missing files have usually prevented the installation of the many a games and programs in Windows. The missing files are usually .dll files with names therefore obscure the typical user can’t even begin to work out wherever aforesaid file may need gone missing. A DLL file may be a library file that may execute functions or it’d contain sure variables or resources. Since these files are related to the frameworks

Elon Musk says this week’s Tesla Model three unveiling is simply ‘Part 1’ of 2

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a reputation for dribbling little hints about the company's plans on Twitter — and on the eve of the unveiling of the mass-market Model 3 near Los Angeles, he's at it again. It has been reported that Tesla will be offering drives in the Model 3 at this week's event, so whatever those "important elements" are, they apparently aren't critical to the vehicle actually moving.

Would AT&T actual go this so much to undermine Google’s management of Android?

When you think of Google's major rivals, you typically think of Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and maybe even Amazon. But what about AT&T? A new report from The Information claims that AT&T is actually working developing a new smartphone with the help of Cyanogen, the company that last year vowed to "take Android away from Google." It looks like AT&T and Cyanogen had been courting Chinese manufacturer ZTE to make the device, although recent trade sanctions leveled against the company put its future involvement in the project in doubt. MUST SEE: A man completely destroyed Wheel of Fortune, and the Internet is in awe Why is AT&T doing this? According to The Information , AT&T believes that "if the proposed phone sells, it could weaken Google’s control of Android in the U.S. and set back its efforts to be more competitive with Apple by creating a consistent experience across all Android phones." And therein lies the rub: What could an AT&T-developed device deliver that Android phones from Samsung, LG and Google's own Nexus line can't? AT&T might try to basically give it away to entice prospective buyers but I can't see that strategy delivering any long-term brand loyalty if it delivers a subpar experience. Cyanogen last year said that it is "making a version of Android that is more open so we can integrate with more partners so their servicers can be tier one services." The downside with this approach, however, is that any Cyanogen devices wouldn't have access to the Google Play Store or Google's own app ecosystem. While the bare bones of Android are open source, a major component of the platform is the Google Mobile Services (GMS) code that isn’t open source and thus can’t be forked. Basically, Android without GMS means you don’t have access to Google Play, Google Maps, Gmail and Google Now. For a lot of people, that's a nonstarter.

Evolving our approach to artificial intelligence

Arend Hintze, Michigan State UniversityResearcher David Silver and colleagues designed a computer program capable of beating a top-level Go player — a marvelous technological feat and important threshold in the development of artificial intelligence, or A.I. It stresses once more that humans aren't at the center of the universe, and that human…

This is what a Rascal appears like going 100 miles per hour

The "Rascal" was never a great name for an electric scooter designed to be a slow, excruciatingly safe means of transport for the mobility-challenged. Two British mechanics recently set out to break the record for "fastest mobility scooter" (because of course there's a record for that), and they managed to set the mark at 107.6 miles per hour using a bright green pocket rocket. The result, as you might expect, is something with a little more get-up-and-go than an off-the-shelf Rascal.

Elon Musk’s next nice idea? An electrical Jet that may come out and land vertically

Elon Musk is changing the world one idea at a time. First, with Tesla, the man so many people call the real life Tony Stark has done an incredible job of bringing electric vehicles to the mainstream. Second, Musk has been doing an impressive job over at SpaceX in the realm of space travel. And third, Musk's effective rough draft of a high-speed transportation system known as the Hyperloop is being contemplated and conceptualized in a very real way by some extremely smart people. DON'T MISS: This must be the sketchiest iPhone 7 rumor we’ve seen yet So where does Musk go from here? Why, Mars of course. Recently, Musk said that he plans to unveil SpaceX's Mars roadmap next

Sooner than iRobot dominated the living area

It won its first major contract with DARPA in 1998, and in 2002 deployed its robots with American troops — the same year, coincidentally, that the Roomba went on sale. Last week, iRobot announced it was getting out of the military business, selling its defense and security team to a private equity firm for $45 million. The reason for this is pretty straightforward: military hardware doesn't make as much money as consumer goods.

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