Puerto Rican became the Miss World – 2016

Russia was represented at the competition Tyumen resident 18-year-old Ian Dobrovol’skaya Puerto Rican Stephanie Del Valle became the owner of the title “Miss World – 2016“. The organizers of the beauty contest, which ended in the US on Sunday, said on Twitter, that the five finalists, in addition to Del Valle, also included girls from Kenya, Indonesia, the Dominican Republic and the Philippines. Recall that a contestant from Russia has

How to recognize the difference between real and fake Levis jeans?

As we all know relationships have been forged in this beautiful world and can be false too, so why not be same with jeans? Yet his actual experience, understanding and accurate information through all of us learn how to differentiate between genuine and fake gradually added. You, we have to differentiate between fake and genuine Ray-Ban Sunglasses have learned so far and definitely you will have to become a master

This model is called Russian Kim Kardashian, are followed by millions

Moscow’s internet Sensation resident of Russia remains a model these days. Because her body shape, the American model and actress Kim Kardashian is like. Russia hails Kaliningrad Kvitko The model name is Anastasia, which will follow on Instagram 25 million people. Kim Kardashian said on the Compare … Kaliningrad Kvitko Anastasia said that Kim Kardashian feels good that people are comparing me. However, there are significant differences between me and

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