Khar month from today: Why did Lord Vishnu give it its name?

Mal Month is starting today (March 14, Tuesday), which will remain till April 13, Thursday. According to scriptures, Lord Purushottam has given his name to Khara (stool) month. Hence this month is also called Purushottam Mas. It is important to worship God in this month. According to scriptures, in this month, morning should rise before the sunrise, after defecation, bathing, evening etc., according to their rights should remember God and

The secret about the life of kings

The lives of kings are always subject is of great interest. Experts have found out a part of their lives. Pharaoh Tutankhamun deformed because the crystallization of an incestuous relationship King Tutankhamun was once powerful kings of ancient Egypt. This is the most famous pharaoh of Egypt’s pharaohs. The life and death of this pharaoh is a big mystery, attracting the attention of the world. Tutankhamun to the throne early

Do you know Aghori and mysterious things from Aghorion?

Simhastha Kumbh. The fair will be millions of saints. Naga sadhus who come to the fair and Aghori people are the center of attraction. They learn about the mysterious world everyone is keen. Today we tell you things that are attached to Aghorion, which very few people know. These things include: Aghori Who Are? Aghori are always the topic of people’s curiosity. Aghorion life is much harder, even more mysterious.

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