Independence Day – Resurgence – Watch the latest trailer

It's only fitting that the most American event — the Super Bowl — featured a trailer for the most American movie. Viewers of the big game today got a 45-second look at the upcoming Independence Day: Resurgence, the sequel to the 1996 alien invasion movie that blew up the White House, let Will Smith punch his first alien, and generated the most stirring speech ever committed to film. While the original film was hardly short on pyrotechnics, Resurgence looks like it'll blow up even more of the planet, as the aliens bring bigger guns and greater numbers back to Earth to finish their aborted invasion.

Selena Gomez Full Biography – Height, Weight and Body

Born Name Selena Marie Gomez Nick Name Sel, Selly, Selenita, Conchita, Mamachita, See Age Selena Gomez is presently 23 as per her birthdate July 22, 1992 Sun Sign Cancer Born Place Grand prairie, Texas, USA Nationality American Education Selena attended Danny Jones middle school, Texas, USA however faced the matter of bullying (like several different popular celebs) daily within the school. So, she was chiefly homeschooled. In may 2010, she

Angelina Jolie Full Biography – Height, Weight and Body

Born Name Angelina Jolie Voight Nick Name Angie, Ange, AJ Age Angelina Jolie is presently 40 as per her birthdate June 04, 1975 Sun Sign Gemini Born Place Los Angeles, California, USA Nationality American Education Angelina Jolie attended William O. Schaefer school, Tappan, NY and graduated from El Rodeo grade school in 1989. She completed her schooling from Beverly Hills highschool, Beverly Hills, California in 1991. Also, she learned theatre

Ant-Man takes on the Hulk in Coca-Cola’s Marvelous commercial

Even though Mark Ruffalo's Hulk will be notably absent in Captain America: Civil War (which just got a brand new 30-second spot), that doesn't mean he can't have a run-in or two with his fellow Avengers this year. In Coca-Cola's Super Bowl spot, master thief Scott Lang (aka Ant-Man) manages to steal a Coke Mini from right under the nose of Dr. Bruce Banner. Obviously, that makes the big guy a little angry, resulting in a chase across an unnamed city. Don't worry, though. They make up in the end.

New Captain America : Civil War – Marvelous trailer ‘You chose the wrong side’

Marvel kicked off what's sure to be a long night of new film trailers during Super Bowl 50. The new Captain America: Civil War spot is the film's most intense ad yet (case in point: Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark "blocking" a point-blank gun shot) with a chorus chanting "united we stand" and "divided we fall" throughout the 30-second spot. We also get a better glimpse of both "sides" of the fight (but still no sign of Spider-Man).

Kim Kardashian photoshoot

Reality star Kim Kardashian last several months old memories are fresh. They are never share your childhood photos, sometimes my family and friends are the photos posted on Instagram. Kim recently in 2009, ‘Complex’ magazine photoshoot conducted for some of the photos posted. ‘Complex’ magazine photoshoot with Kim had made several angles. He shot photos posted on KimKardashianWest[dot]com. You are showing photos of the photoshoot conducted by Kim.

Why do we continue With The Kardashians?? Recognize Your Kardashian-Jenners

We’re not massive fans of the word noted. The Kardashians write in Kardashian Konfidential. however don’t we tend to beg to differ? The Kardashian – Jenner ladies won’t be the most effective role models however they’re most undoubtedly fancy some celebrity status most people long for. They savvy to dress and simply once needed, how to undress. Rising as American tabloid’s sweethearts in the late 2000s the Kardashian-Jenner sisters together

Gigi Hadid is simply Too hot and attractive To Handle

Since being a modest dresser to remodeling into one in every of the sexiest ladies (actress) alive, Gigi Hadid has had one hell of a year. On red carpet occasions, the twenty years of fashion model is beyond any doubt one in all the foremost thirstily anticipated arrivals, due to her sartorial sense. Be it bikini-like separates within a lace dress or super racy cut-outs, she positively is aware of

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