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The mysterious relics related to the death of Jesus

Holy Grail, the Shroud of Turin, Veronica scarves are three of the mysterious relics related to the death of Jesus. Cross It (True Cross) is believed to be the cross Jesus was crucified. This is an important symbol for a Christian believer, according to Live Science. According to the records of the historian Socrates Scholasticus lived in the 4th century, the mother of the Roman emperor Constantine destroyed churches require

10 seconds to turn 19 buildings to ashes in China

Demolition works team took less than 10 seconds to turn 19 buildings to ashes, the largest project of China knocked out so far. According to The Sun (UK), the Chinese demolition works have used 5 tons of explosives, set at 120,000 places scattered in the area and when activated to form a domino effect. 7-12 story buildings only a pile of ashes at midnight on 21.1, in the city of

Few images from 13 million secret documents about the CIA’s UFO

Investigate unidentified flying object, intelligence tools, invisible ink, or the study of supernatural powers are fascinating information among 930 top-secret documents with more than 12 million pages that central intelligence department Central America (CIA) has declassified and published online recently. We will for the first time in the history of access to the information before, countless rumors, suspicion or even mention conspiracy theories and thereby will provide a view of

Rare color photographs recording the Tutankhamun tomb discovered

1907, George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon life has hired an archaeologist, Egyptologist Howard Carter to conduct excavations in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. Though it is a well-known researcher, but after years of looking at the valley but no results, Carter made his boss quite upset. To 1922, Carnarvon told Carter that he is only one more season to dig before funding ran out. So he returned

Hand-Written letter to superstar Rajinikanth by Jayalalithaa Goes Viral

A recently unearthed letter, hand-written by Jayalalithaa herself in 1980 tells why she refused a film opposite superstar Rajinikanth Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa who died on December 5 when affected by cardiopulmonary arrest was a beloved politician dearly called Amma. however before her days as political ‘Amma’ she was an acting queen, serving the general public through entertainment not service. A recently unearthed letter, hand-written by Jayalalithaa herself

The British Man Discovered his Resemblance to Hitler on the Passport Photo

A resident of the British city of Salford received a new passport, a photo in which appeared similar to Adolf Hitler, BBC writes. Stuart Boyd (Stuart Boyd) issued a passport picture on their page to Facebook. The man said that the document has changed since he was 50 years old. Having received the ID and noticed an uncanny resemblance, which arose because of the failure of a blackout mustache on

PAKISTAN’s former PM’s son was released from the possession of terrorists, know where the operation?

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s son Ali Haider Gilani kidnapped were rescued. Three years ago in Punjab province was kidnapped them. US and Afghan troops in a joint operation Ali Haider was delivered on Tuesday. Haider who are in possession of three years. Facebook post Jakiwal Afghan Ambassador Omar said Afghan special forces in Ghazni province in an operation conducted this morning by Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza

The man made doll wife when a woman has deceived

German photo journalist Sandra Hoan Photo Series ‘Jenij Sol‘ Daily Life category at the Sony World Photography has won second prize. He had captured the life of a unique couple. The two are quite different from an ordinary couple. Emotions are connected to each other, even though both of. Indeed Dirk name (fictitious) the person is a sex doll (doll) is in a relationship with the past five years. Doll-like

Woman Dragged Out Of workplace, kidnapped And Raped In Punjab. nobody Helped Her

Incident on 25th march, a 24-year-old lady was kidnapped from her place of labor in Punjab‘s Muktsar by a person United Nations agency is seen on CCTV footage dragging her in broad daylight across a street lined with retailers, as she struggled making an attempt to interrupt free and yelled for help. Vehicles drove past, however nobody tried to assist the lady, United Nations agency has told the police that

A Drunk man beaten with slipper, When he teased the woman in market

Khandela around 11 am on the bus to tamper with a drunken, woman was costly. The woman beat with her slippers. The people gathered on nearby shops were merely watching the show. Incrimination to anyone who did not support women. Drunk abuses ran… Khandela, a woman at a bus stop to catch the bus to come to Jaipur. There he saw three young women has been taunting fluffy. There were

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