These photos are the soldiers of the Russian Army, which are becoming quite viral on these social sites. They are looking at a rifle made of wood in somebody’s hands, so no cigarette made from wood. At the same time, the shape of mobile on any back is imposing. Now, seeing these pictures, you might be thinking that these soldiers are enjoying or making photoshoots, then let us tell you that this is not at all but these are pictures of the soldiers of the soldier. The soldiers get some kind of punishment

These soldiers of the Russian Army have been able to break the discipline of the army. A soldier was caught smoking while smoking a cigarette. In such a way, he was given similar punishment. A cigarette made from cigarettes was given to the cigarette, then a large mobile made of wood made on the back of the mobile user was loaded. However, these sentences are quite unique in itself. That is why these photos on social sites are becoming very viral.