2016’s Top 10 Best Citizenship by Investment and Second Passports Programs

Here are Top 10 best second passports for 2016. The citizenship by investment business has undergone plenty of changes within the last year, as well as a significant modification to the St. Kitts passport giving. It’s has been unbroken quiet by those hyping this passport, however ProForbes will offer you the total story here.

Here’s everything you would like to understand to buy the simplest second passport in 2016.

How to worth a Second Passport

First, let’s observe a way to worth a second passport. the simplest second passport is a) the one you’ll afford b) that provides you visa-free trip the foremost countries. The smaller the amount and also the less fascinating the countries, the less you must pay.

For example, a second passport from European nation is that the fourth most useful travel document within the world and also the most useful second passport you’ll get. this is often as a result of it offers you visa-free access to 171 countries.

That is to mention, a second passport from European nation may be a cluster four travel document. a gaggle one passport offers you visa-free trip 174 countries. cluster one passports are those issued by the United States, kingdom and European country. cluster a pair of offers trip 173 nations as well as Canada. cluster three gets you access to 172 countries and may be a passport from Belgium and Holland.

Because an Austrian passport offers you visa-free access to 171 countries, it’s a fourth tier passport and also the best second passport you’ll buy… if cash isn’t any object. By comparison, Dominica offers you visa-free trip ninety one countries and is so within the forty first tier.

A second passport from an EU country (Bulgaria, Hungary, Malta, Cyprus or Austria) additionally offers you the proper to measure and work anyplace within the Common Market.

Finally, the amount of visa-free travel countries offers you a sign of however your new passport are received by world banks. an EU passport can permit you to open an account anyplace within the world. A passport from St. Kitts can have fewer choices, however usually accepted. I expect it to be nearly not possible to open an account abroad with a passport from country (last on my list of ten best second passports).

Don’t Fall for a Second Passport Scam

There are plenty of on-line charlatans promising low-cost passports, diplomatic passports, or banking passports. All of those are scams…. plain and easy, nothing to discussion, they’re scams.

There is no simple or low-cost thanks to get an authentic second passport.

Think of it this way: governments round the world got to raise many lots of greenbacks to stock up their coffers. And second passports are area unit a multi billion dollar business. there’s isn’t lack of customers… if truth be told, demand usually outstrips provide.

In such a market, countries aren’t inquisitive about decreasing their complete by commercialism you a passport for $50,000. If anyone tells you totally different, or they claim to possess a man who will “hook you up,” run the opposite manner.

A Word of recommendation to United States voters on Second Passports

If you’re a United States national, note that owning a second passport doesn’t modification your United States tax filing or paying obligations. see you later as you’re an american national, you want to pay tax on your worldwide financial gain. Also, offshore banks can still report back to the office underneath FATCA.

A second passport can permit you to travel and invest with a lot of privacy. it’s additionally the primary step in renouncing your United States citizenship. you want to have a brand new passport in hand before you dump your blue travel document.

You might be thinking to yourself, however can the bank recognize I’m an American? What if I actually have all of my documents from, for instance, St. Kitts? what is going to tie ME back to the United States of A? What if i modify my name to additional frustrate the records search?

Uncle Sam and also the office are manner previous you. All second passports currently list your country of birth. If you were born within the United States, the bank can see this on your second passport and list you as an american till you give them proof you’ve renounced your citizenship.

This was an enormous issue back in 2014. Countries began block St. Kitts voters from entry on grounds that the passport may well be accustomed facilitate coercion. Of course, this was at the command of the United States who was trying to enforce it’s FATCA system.

As a result, St. Kitts was forced to recall all passports issued from january 2012 to July of 2014… possibly as several as sixteen,000 documents. It reissued them with the holder’s place of birth and the other names by that he or she had been identified.

A second passport has several advantages, however it doesn’t permit you to chop out character.

Best Second Passports available for you…

Here’s my list of the ten best second passports available. I’ve compared the worth to the amount of visa-free countries, further as access to the EU and us. For this reason, my high three passports are all from the EU.

Russia, in fourth position, may be a distinctive chance. Citizenship needs you to line up or invest in to an energetic business within the country. thanks to the weakness of the ruble vs the dollar, Russia is presently a price proposition.


I rate Balkan state #1 because the best second passport offered as a result of it’s one in every of the 2 programs wherever the capitalist is probably going to envision her investment once more. This giving permits you to take a position €512,000 in government bonds in exchange for residency. Then, once a year, invest another €512,000 to achieve citizenship. There also are business investment choices. That’s regarding $1.2 million.

The Balkan state program ties up your money for five years interest free. That’s right, the govt bonds don’t pay interest. it’ll take 2 years to urge your passport and needs you to go to Balkan state doubly. Residence is granted with acceptance and process of your clean background check.

Most of the programs listed during this best second passport post charge you a fee for the passport. Balkan state and Cyprus (below) are the sole ones wherever you’ll expect your principal came.

St. Kitts and alternative provide land investment choices, however those return at important further price and your prospects for commercialism for the acquisition worth are restricted.

A passport from Balkan state is rated eighteenth within the world and provides the holder visa-free trip 153 countries, as well as Switzerland the uk. It doesn’t get you visa free in to the US… solely Malta and European nation try this. It additionally permits you to measure and work anyplace within the EU.

A passport from Balkan state might permit you to figure within the kingdom. There has been some political maneuvering on now and also the results aren’t however identified.

As a partial member of the Schengen region, Balkan state gets you access to any or all of Western Europe. Things are dynamical quickly during this look upon Balkan state works to become a full member. For a lot of data, see: the price for a Second Passport from Balkan state can Double Next Year

St. Lucia – Best worth in 2016

The St. Lucia second passport program is new for 2016 and sculptured once the Balkan state citizenship program. With St. Lucia, you have got the choice of shopping for the passport for $200,000 to $250,000 or finance $500,000 to $550,000 in government bonds for 5 years.

Because this is often a brand new program, only a few second passports are granted. In my opinion, this makes citizenship from St. Lucia a a lot of non-public and “below the radar” purchase or investment. I like these smaller programs to the large names like St. Kitts that has received plenty of attention within the previous few years.

St. Lucia provides visa free trip 121 countries further as visa free trip Switzerland or 180-days within the Schengen space of the European Union. Click here are all the visa free countries. At [*fr1] the price of Balkan state, St. Lucia is that the best worth in 2016.

You could say that the St. Lucia second passport program permits you to double your cash in five years. instead of paying $250,000, you invest $550,000, get a passport at once, and your capital is came in five years.

When you compare St. Lucia to its Caribbean neighbors, it prices a fraction as a result of you get your investment capital back. Total price would be fees and interest lost / cost of the capital invested with into government bonds.


Like Balkan state, Maltese citizenship offers you the proper to measure and work anyplace within the Common Market. It additionally permits you to travel visa-free to the us. Malta and also the United States have a Visa relinquishment program, that operates a little otherwise from alternative systems.

A Malta passport additionally offers you access to Switzerland and visa-free trip 166 countries. A passport from Malta is that the eighth most useful travel document.

The cost of a Maltese passport is $1.57 million greenbacks and fees. Expect it to price around $1.85 million “all in.”

This program is capped at one,800 passports and there’s a demand to “reside” in Malta. the number of days you’re to be gift on the island aren’t explicit and it’s understood you won’t be a full time resident (someone who spends over half-dozen months in country). however you must arrange to pay “a affordable amount of time” in Malta, no matter meaning.


Cyprus is that the third smallest nation within the Common Market and created it on to the planet stage by seizing loaded foreigners money to bail out their banks throughout their 2013 recession. astonishingly, from this mess came their current citizenship provide.

In order to bring back international deposits, and guarantee these investors wouldn’t face the same fate, Cyprus began giving passports and citizenship with investments of €2.5 million. As a second passport holder you may receive identical rights and protections of any Cyprus national.

Another use of the citizenship program was to compensate the principally Russian foreign depositors whose money they’d “borrowed” and born-again into equity. several of those high web value Russian investors got special deals in appreciation for his or her obligatory contribution.


Austria is that the gold customary of the second passport and citizenship by investment programs. If cash isn’t any object, this is often the passport to shop for.

It’s the foremost valuable passport offered for purchase, the simplest Semitic deity passport, and offers visa-free trip 171 countries. A second passport from European nation is that the fourth most useful passport within the world.

And it’s the foremost dearly-won second passport. you’ll qualify by creating a donation of €2 to €4 million or by finance regarding €10 million in an approved business. Such a business is anticipated to use a big variety of individuals and generate nonexempt financial gain. the number of investment and business types are negotiable.

Expect fees and alternative charges to exceed $500,000 during this program.


Like the Austrian business program, this citizenship by investment choice was approved and signed in to law in late 2014. It’s simply obtaining started and no second passports are issued as of this writing.

Russia needs you to take a position in to a business or setup your own venture that may use variety of individuals and generate tax revenues to the country.

Because of the worth of the ruble to the United States dollar, the Russian provide is one in every of the foremost price effective… and also the solely from a power. you would possibly qualify with an investment $165,000.

In 2014, Russian voters had visa-free or visa on arrival access to one hundred countries and territories. this may modification in 2015. for instance, country can most likely be far from the list. A Russian passport presently ranks thirty eighth within the world.

Please see my post Russian Second Passport Program for a lot of data. bear in mind that this chance is concentrated on conveyance business and jobs into Russia instead of money from the sale of passports, thus it functions otherwise from the others delineate here.


Dominica is that the least dearly-won of the Caribbean passports. A second passport from Dominica can price a family of 4 (applicant, spouse equivalent and 2 youngsters underneath 18-years-old) regarding $250,000, plus $25,000 for every further kid underneath age twenty five. With filing, registration and skilled fees, candidates will anticipate a complete price of $350,000.

To put it differently, a family of 4 will acquire economic citizenship and second passports from Dominica for fewer than the price of one passport from St. Kitts.

The discount is important supported however we tend to worth second passports. A travel document from Dominica gets you visa-free trip solely ninety one countries, creating it the forty first most useful travel document.

Please see my Second Passports article for fees and alternative data on Dominica (near the lowest of the page).

Antigua and Barbuda

Like St. Kitts (below), you’ll get an Antiguan passport for a $275,000 donation or a $500,000 investment in land, and regarding $60,000 in fees. additionally like St. Kitts, the passport offers you visa-free trip 132 countries and is graded twenty fourth.

The St. Kitts and island programs are mirror pictures of every alternative. If you’re aiming to get the passport by creating a donation to the govt, you would possibly further save yourself $50,00 and keep company with island. If you select land, then St. Kitts may well be the higher selection.

As of Pan American Day, 2015, a second passport from island offers you visa-free trip Canada, wherever a passport from St. Kitts doesn’t.

St. Kitts and Nevis

St. Kitts has become the #1 merchandiser of second passports within the world. you’ll get a passport with a $295,000 “donation” to their sugar fund or by finance a minimum of $500,000 in land. You ne’er would like visit St. Kitts nor take a citizenship test… merely pay the money or get the property and you’re smart to travel.

Unless you propose to measure in St. Kitts, i like to recommend the “donation” choice. land in St. Kitts is overvalued. after you add in taxes and maintenance prices, you’re more contented paying the fee. And you’ll be lucky to seek out one family home for around $500,000… a lot of seemingly $800,000 to $1 million.

If you implement the important estate tract, take into account a condo timeshare. But, be warned, the island is crammed with principally empty timeshares and you’ll have a troublesome time recouping your “investment.”

The St. Kitts passport can get you visa-free trip 132 countries, with Brazil being recently more to the list. sadly, in November of 2014, Canada declared it might now not allow St. Kitts voters to enter without a visa.

The St. Kitts passport is graded 24th within the world in 2016. Expect it to drop some notches in 2015. Please see my Second Passports page for details.


Grenada reopened its citizenship by investment in 2014 (having closed it from 2001 through 2013). this version needs an investment of $250,000 in an approved land project.

A second passport from land enables you to access a hundred and ten countries, as well as the uk, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Panama, and most Commonwealth of Nations nations. It doesn’t offer you visa-free trip Canada or the United States.

As far as ProForbes will verify, just one land development has been approved, the Mount Cinnamon Resort and Beach Club. Had there been a lot of investment choices, ProForbes will have graded land higher than St. Kitts. It’s a second passport that isn’t on anyone’s Radio Detection and Ranging (Radar) and a transaction which may be completed in camera.

Residency / Future Choices

If you’re willing to wait some years, and to live within the country to prove your commitment, you’ll earn citizenship once a time of residency. the simplest choices are:

  • Argentina (2 years)
  • Belgium (5 years)
  • Singapore (3 years)
  • Uruguay (3 years if married 5 if single)
  • Paraguay (3+ years)
  • Australia (4 years)
  • Chile (5 years)
  • Panama (5 years)

Of these, my favorite is Panama. Panama offers the simplest tax deal and residency will be obtained for as very little as $8,500 (single applicant) through their “favored nations visa” program. It’s additionally potential to urge residency in Panama at no cost if you mix it with an investment in teak.

For a lot of on this, see: Best Panama Residency Program by Investment.